the Second Self Laboratory

Year: 2013
Photography: Lisa Klappe & Conor Trawinski
Category: Experience, Experiment

At the Second Self Laboratory you can try out different social roles by wearing a costume. Do you want to be a judge, a stranger, monster, outcast or Mr. Ordinary? They are all in the collection, based on archetypical characters from literature, theatre and mythology.

Wearing them does not only change the way you look; it also changes the way you speak, think, work, walk, eat, sleep, kiss, clean, wave, write, run, regret, smell, snore, dream, desire or prepare a cup of instant noodles.

  • exporting_characters-03

    the Monster

  • exporting_characters-04

    Mr. Ordinary

  • exporting_characters-05

    the Judge

  • exporting_characters-10

    the Stranger

  • exporting_characters-08

    the Pariah

  • allsuits-12